Black Waterproof Techwear Function Jacket


Seamless and breathtakingly uncluttered, this waterproof techwear function jacket is the essential you need. Feel protected from unpredictable weather and go through your city pursuits with a futuristic yet edgy appeal.

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Why choose our Waterproof Techwear Function Jacket?

A completely utilitarian design often sacrifices aesthetics, but this waterproof techwear jacket effortlessly blends beauty and function together. 

You get a jaw-dropping tech outfit and experience convenience and surefire protection at the same time.

Get protected from the weather while feeling refreshed and comfortable. 

No one likes that unpleasant, clammy, and uncomfortable moisture trapped underneath an average waterproof garment. 

Waterproof Techwear Function Jacket 8
Waterproof Techwear Function Jacket 9

If you choose to skip this ordinary water-repellent fabric, you certainly would not appreciate being vulnerable and unprotected from the unpredictable weather. 

Be confident and protected with this waterproof techwear function jacket. Made with ePTFE, you get the best of both worlds with a breathable and water-resistant fabric, so you feel fresh and secure.

Experience convenience with an uncomplicated and flexible design. 

Love a fit that looks great on your figure? Enjoy wearing a techwear jacket that fits right for your size. It gets even better with a form you can adjust with just a quick tug at the drawstring hem. 


This technical wear garment takes it up a notch with a flexible configuration. Feel free to remove the hood to instantly transform your look to a more casual getup.

Look effortlessly cool with seamlessly integrated pockets and a sufficient storage capacity. 

Own that smooth and seamless aesthetic with pockets that blend with the sleek laminated seams. 

Experience convenience with a jacket that protects you while giving you plentiful pockets to easily access your essentials.

Waterproof Techwear Function Jacket 3
Waterproof Techwear Function Jacket 4

What features are included?

  • ePTFE Fabric – Feel refreshed in a protective yet breathable material. This innovative textile resists liquid but lets vapor slip away, making it moisture-permeable and water-resistant.

  • PU coating – Be assured that you’ll feel comfortable and protected, especially on rainy days. With poly-coating, you can experience peak water resistance in a lightweight material.

  • Excellent Fit – Experience a sizing that complements your figure, making you comfortable in the right fit.
  • Drawstring Hem – Own a techwear jacket with a silhouette you can personalize through an adjustable drawstring hem. 

  • Detachable Hood – Transform any look to fit various outfit ideas with a hood you can disassemble, fold, and quickly store in a convenient chest pocket. 

  • Six-Pocket Storage Capacity – Never be limited again. This six-pocket techwear clothing gives you massive space to store and organize your daily essentials.

  • Laminated Seams – Grab that seamless look with laminated seam details that blend with the tech jacket design effortlessly.
Waterproof Techwear Function Jacket 12
Waterproof Techwear Function Jacket 11
Waterproof Techwear Function Jacket 10

How to style your new Waterproof Techwear Function Jacket?

  • Brutalist Silhouette – Form your techwear attire with a monolithic silhouette achieved by this techwear jacket.

Most importantly, stay true to your personality and style. Wear this technical clothing to express your creative pursuits. You’re sure to look sleek and cool when you own your techwear fashion with confidence.

Waterproof Techwear Function Jacket

Size Info:

SizeBust (cm / inch)Length (cm / inch) Sleeve Length (cm / inch)Shoulder Width (cm / inch)
M110 / 43.3170 / 27.5667 / 26.3845 / 17.72
L114 / 44.8872 / 28.3568 / 26.7746 / 18.11
XL118 / 46.4674 / 29.1369 / 27.1747 / 18.50

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M, L, XL



2 reviews for Black Waterproof Techwear Function Jacket

  1. Pete

    Love this Black Waterproof Techwear Function Jacket. Great quality!

  2. Brad

    Black Waterproof Techwear Function Jacket came in 18 days. Looks dope

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