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Techwear Shoe FAQ

What are techwear shoes?

Techwear shoes are a style statement in itself. You can bring a whole outfit together with the perfect pair of shoes. Techwear style is all about practicality along with style. Our Techwear shoes are made with functional fashion in mind, so you can be rest assured to find the best comfort. These shoes are high athletic performance shoes and fashionable, so it is excellent for everyday wear.

Techwear shoes on their own can be a style statement that can bring any outfit together. Tech core fashion consists of shoes that are usually chunky with big soles and boots with laces. The material of these shoes is highly durable and weatherproof, such as water-resistant materials. Hence, it is excellent for everyday use.

You must also be aware that Techwear mostly goes with darker colors such as black or grey. Sometimes, you can find a pop of neon color to bring the whole color scheme together into a cohesive whole. Check out our Techwear shoe collection and find the perfect boots, sneakers or sandals to get your complete outfit together.

Techwear boots

Our techwear boots are designed to fit your feet and help keep them as comfortable as possible throughout the day. These boots are commonly designed with chunky soles, laces and buckles to give it a grungy, gothic look. You can wear them on any terrain as they are highly durable and weatherproof.

Techwear Sneakers

Today sportswear and athleisure shoes have made their way into mainstream high fashion. As such, Techwear is constantly making its way to the top under these categories. Techwear sneakers are made with premium, high-quality materials to give your shoes a longer life. The style and function of these shoes are unparalleled, developed with the best premium materials to provide you with ultimate comfort while still looking highly fashionable.

Techwear sandals

When you hear sandals, you probably think of flats. However, in Techwear shoes, sandals also come with chunky soles as their other shoe categories. Made of weatherproof and highly durable materials, these tech wear sandals are great for everyday wear and give off a very gothic, ninja vibe. Sandals with cushioned soles are a must-have for all your summer Techwear outfits.

What are the features & benefits of techwear shoes?

Big soles don’t have to mean discomfort or heaviness. These materials are made of high-end technology, such as hydrophobic fabric and reinforced soles. Techwear sneakers are a great addition to your wardrobe for an easy everyday outfit.

Techwear boots come with incredibly durable and comfortable materials that give excellent ankle support for your legs even when you wear them for the whole day. You will find great comfort in these shoes, which are entirely weatherproof yet lightweight and comfortable. They are also made of breathable materials, so you don’t feel suffocated even when wearing chunky shoes.

How do you wear Techwear shoes?

The thick soles of these shoes give a sci-fi, gothic punk look that is that the center of the Techwear aesthetic. These Techwear shoes can take your fashion to the next level with their highly innovative and futuristic designs. Look your best with the most intricate designs on the shoes that can create a style statement on its own.

Why is Atlas 1 your best store to buy techwear shoes?

If comfort is what you look for in shoes, our Techwear sneakers, boots and sandals are the perfect everyday shoes for you. You can quickly move around with these shoes on. You don’t have to feel tied down or heavy on the legs, even with chunky-soled shoes. Pair your Techwear shoes with the perfect Techwear outfit from our website for a complete tech core aesthetic look.