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About Techwear Sneakers

Style, fashion and practicality all go together when it comes to techwear sneakers. What was once a sportswear genre accessory is now a mainstream, high-end fashion statement. These sneakers are comfortable, durable and highly fashionable. They go with any outfit and can step up your whole outfit. As a versatile piece, techwear sneakers are a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe.

The soles of our techwear sneakers are made with lightweight and soft materials that are easy to wear for the whole day. In addition to this, they are also highly durable and the right fit for any terrain. You can wear them for running long distances, for a walk in the park or even for extreme sports.

Check out some of the types of sneakers you can find in this collection:

Techwear Chunky Sneakers

Chunky sneakers are well-known to be a big part of techwear fashion. You can find them easily on our website in a variety of different colors, designs and sizes. Although chunky and bulky looking, these sneakers are in no way uncomfortable or heavy. In fact, they are made with lightweight materials and are very spongey and soft.

Keeping your best comfort in mind, atlas 1 has developed a very innovative range of sneakers for everyday wear. The combination of materials used fr each layer, such as the upper layer, insole material and the lining materials, are all different but work well together to allow for a breathable pair of shoes that ensure mobility as well as a style statement.

Pair your chunky sneakers with skirts, dresses, cargo pants and even joggers. They are a versatile fashion item that everyone interested in techwear fashion needs to own.

High Top Sneakers

High-top sneakers are once again taking the market by storm. They are some of the most comfortable types of sneakers because they provide excellent ankle support. You can find many different high-top designed sneakers paired with numerous clothing items because of their versatility.

Some of these high-top sneakers can be reflective or non-reflective techwear sneakers. Although on the more expensive side of the spectrum, these reflective shoes add a nice finishing touch to your whole techwear aesthetic. You can even pair this with our jackets and outerwear apparel that also come in this reflective material.

The technology behind these shoes is magnificent, and it gives you a very cool look in dark spaces. If you are on your feet daily and for long durations, these types of shoes are the perfect fit for you.

Techwear Holographic Sneakers

Holographic sneakers on Atlas 1 have been made with customers’ ultimate comfort in mind. These shoes are also quite chunky but still weightless and soft to the touch. You can pair this with a simple monochrome outfit and still significantly impact the first impression because of the holographic shoes! Check out more bright colors under techwear sneakers on our website if you want to skip the traditional black or white color for something different.

Our techwear sneakers bring you the future of techwear fashion. You have many choices, starting from the high top, low cut, chunky-soled or even flat-soled sneakers.