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About Techwear Sandals

Techwear fashion is taking the world by storm. One of the newer types of tech wear shoes is the techwear sandals which are currently the most sought-after fashion statement item for tech core aesthetics.

Techwear sandals are ideal for the warm days when you want to tie your techwear outfit together with a statement piece. You can find these sandals for both men and women in our collection. They come with big, chunky soles, which are lightweight and comfortable, despite their size.

Techwear sandals are Made of weatherproof and highly durable materials. These sandals are great for everyday wear and give off a very gothic, ninja vibe. You can pair them with pants, shorts or dresses or even wear them with socks if the weather is chilly.

The practicality of these sandals is quite unmatched. You can easily slip them on over any outfit and still manage to look well-put-together. These shoes allow you to look highly fashionable with minimal effort.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular techwear sandal types on our website:

Techwear Gladiator Sandals

These sandals come with many straps in different colors and sizes. The design is made in such a way that it mimics ancient greek hoes worn by gladiators. Hence it is called gladiator sandals. The modernized version of these sandals comes with the additional input of the chunky soles, which were absent in the original gladiator shoes.

Chunky Techwear Sandals

Chunky techwear sandals are all the buzz in the tech core fashion world. They are simple, versatile and very comfortable to wear even throughout the day. You can dress it up or down depending on your outfit. You can check out our clothing item categories to find out more about what types of clothes we sell and make a purchase for yourself.

Platform Techwear Sandals

Platform sandals are pretty high on the sole. However, they are still designed for comfort and support for your ankles. Made of extremely lightweight materials, the look of these platform sandals and their feelings can differ widely. Although chunky, the weightlessness of the materials used to design the sandals makes them so quickly sought after.

Leather Techwear Sandals

You can also find techwear sandals explicitly designed for those who enjoy a more gothic, cyberpunk and grungy aesthetic when it comes to Techcore fashion. These sandals are very cool looking and have a lot of intricate designs on them such as rivets and buckles. The materials for these sandals are mostly leather, which is engineered to be still as breathable as possible.

Whenever you feel lazy to tie and untie your shoelaces, go for laceless ones such as these techwear sandals, which are almost effortless to put on. You can still look stylish while feeling light on your feet and highly flexible. Slip them on quickly without much effort and complete your whole look. The soles of these sandals are reinforced for comfortable wear throughout the day. Wear them with shorts, skirts or dresses and complete your summer techwear look.

You can also discover all our techwear shoes to match your outfit and enhance your cyber fashion look perfectly! Sandals with cushioned soles are a must-have for all your summer Techwear outfits.