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What is Casual Techwear?

We love them – We wear them. Techwear Jackets give us the appropriate insulation and a pleasing silhouette for the cold seasons. But what happens when the weather starts to get warmer? Surely the bulk padded fabric and entirely black fit wouldn’t do the trick.

Casual Techwear is wearable apparel for transitional seasons like spring or the wet tropical seasons. The attention is on keeping you cool for warmer temperatures. Although technical textiles are less likely to be used, the functionality is seen in removing inconveniences from your daily pursuits through appropriate technical solutions.

Living with these types of weather conditions? We have more of the essentials in store for you. Scroll down to know more.

What are the features & benefits of Casual Techwear?

Sweat and techwear don’t go together. Get you a tech outfit more suitable for warmer days. 

  • Freshness and Protection – Light clothing gives the right amount of protection while keeping you cool and fresh on warmer days.
  • Hassle-free clothing – Lightweight fabrics make it easy to pack your casual garments when not needed.
  • Effortlessly Fashionable – These casual fits may not be bulky, but this fashion style incorporates techcore aesthetic details that reinforce the techwear look even in lighter clothing.
  • Freedom of Movement – Wide, breathable, and cropped designs bring you maximum mobility as you go through your daily grind.

How to wear Casual Techwear?

Worried about the fashion looking plain and boring? Dominate the casual techwear style with these essential tips:

For tops:

  • Opt for light bomber jackets and windbreakers that can be layered over t-shirts or hoodies.
  • Mix up techwear with streetwear tops that explore lighter shades and palettes to reflect heat.

For bottoms:

  • Try wide-leg or cropped pants so you can move with freedom and comfort.
  • Breathable bottoms are all you need. Your light techwear top will protect you from the weather even if your pants are not water-repellent.

For Accessories:

  • Go for a strappy crossbody bag to store your essentials and bring the techwear details to your upper body.
  • Bucket hats are light fashion statements to protect your head from the sun.
  • Use baseball caps alone or underneath a hood to bring versatility to your fit.

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