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Techwear Jackets and Outerwear FAQ

Our Techwear Jackets and Outerwear collection are created for providing you comfort with versatile utility, elevating your everyday outfit with futuristic aesthetics. Our techwear jackets are designed for unrestricted movement while keeping them breathable and water-resistant.

Your Techwear Jackets and Outerwear range

When it comes to techwear fashion, one of the staples are the techwear jackets and outerwear. Key categories of the tech gear fashion range include techwear jackets that are split into the Hardshell and Softshell jacket range.

Hardshell jackets are designed for environmental protection and functionality. They are fully windproof, waterproof as well as water-resistant, and breathable. Hardshell Jackets work best for snowy and wet weather. These tech wears come with detachable underlayers that can be used as per your preference when it comes to functionality. The design, fabric, and construction will definitely elevate your style statement.

Softshell jackets provide lower environmental protection as compared to the Hardshell jackets. It has a durable waterproof coating, best for light precipitation and for winter sports. The fabric put together for softshell jackets provide comfort, soft and breathable wear. The softer fabric provides more room for movement as compared to the crunchy rigid texture of hardshell jackets.

Techwear Jackets and Outerwear for Him/Her

Most of the techwear jackets and outerwear collections are unisex. Our techwear jackets and outerwear collection do carry jackets separate for both men and women wear.

If you are experimenting with color, our techwear jacket and outerwear can cater to your desires. Besides the techwear classic colors like black, white, and grey, the collection has techwear jackets in a wide range of colors.

Techwear Outerwear designs catering to your unique style

Techwear is a fashion style intersecting outdoor, streetwear, futuristic, and cyberpunk style attributed to technical capabilities, functionality, and accessories.

From streamlined, slim looks to minimalistic, essential menswear fit to high fashion avant-garde statement items, or even gothic street look, our Techwear Outerwear collection has something for everyone’s unique taste. The versatile nature of the garments, along with the simple color palette, gives it enough space for experimenting.

You can easily pair your regular wardrobe with a techwear blazer, techwear suits, or techwear long coat to upgrade your look. For casual outdoor sportswear, techwear bomber jackets or techwear windbreakers can give you a look. For an easy summer outfit, techwear vests and techwear overalls can complete the look. You can layer a techwear hoodie with Techwear Winter Jackets and Techwear Parkas for the cold winters without compromising on your aesthetics. For functional protection from wind and rain, techwear capes and techwear ponchos are must-haves tech gear fashion items.

How do you wear techwear jackets and outerwear?

Techwear jackets are a staple when it comes to layering your outerwear garments. You can opt to layer it with a simple Techwear Shirt for summer heat, as your Techwear Softshell Jacket range will fill in for functionality.
Hardshell Jackets can be layered with Techwear long sleeves and mid-layers for added insulation while keeping you breathable. Classic Techwear color palette like black, white, and grey gives you the freedom to play with other colors while pairing items.

Accessorized with pockets, belts, and buckles, each item is designed to meet your style statement and utility.

Why to buy techwear jackets and outerwear at Atlas 1?

Atlas 1 has a wide range of items and categories created to captivate your taste of the futuristic techwear & cyberpunk clothing made for sci-fi fans, geeks, hackers & smart people who like to be 2 steps ahead.
For the best consumer experience, Atlas 1 provides services like free shipping, an easy return policy, and secure checkout. Atlas 1 is committed to lower pollution as it produces items on demand.