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Techwear Clothing FAQ

What is techwear clothing?

Techwear, short for Technical wear, is a type of fashion that focuses on functionality in the clothing items. Urban techwear is a testament to all clothing items that were initially created and meant to be functional. It is a futuristic form of fashion that combines style, trend, and functionality.

The idea behind techwear is that the clothing items are designed to optimize their utility, for example, windbreakers, using breathable and flexible materials, and focusing on mobility.

Techwear aesthetics are inspired by athleisure, cyberpunk, military and gothic fashion. If you take a good look, you will find that the colors used in techwear clothing are primarily grey and black. You will not see pops of colors as often.

What are the features & benefits of techwear clothing?

Much of urban tech fashion takes inspiration from Asian art such as the Ninja Aesthetic. This aesthetic focuses on freedom of movement with all the clothing items such as oversized pants or t-shirts built with lightweight and breathable materials to optimize movement.

Techwear uses technical materials that are breathable and flexible and streamlines them into high streetwear fashion. It is versatile as well as convenient and trendy.

How do you wear techwear clothing?

Techwear clothing is androgynous. This is why it is an unusual fashion movement that brings together practicality with contemporary fashion trends. Because most techwear fashion apparels are monochromatic, it is easy to adapt the aesthetic to your personality. Techwear clothing and fashion are easy to put together. Especially with our range of items which you can see listed below:

Techwear for men

Tech gear fashion is a minimalist type of fashion with a lot of detailing and asymmetry. Tech wears fashion for men includes jackets, hoodies, vests, pants, etc. Most of these clothing items are oversized, have a lot of pockets, are waterproof or weatherproof, and are monochromatic.

Techwear for women

Under technical wear for women, you can find even more clothing items such as dresses, crop tops, skirts and size techwear in addition to pants, hoodies, jackets and outerwear. You can also find accessories to go along with your tech core fashion, such as sunglasses, vests and hats.

Techwear outfits

Find complete tech core fashion outfits on our website. Made of premium materials meant to be breathable and lightweight, you will be able to move freely in these outfits while looking trendy.

Techwear jackets and outerwear

All techwear outerwear items are an all-season must-have in your closet. Whether windy, raining, or clear skies, these jackets are made for practicality and maximum utility. You can be sure to stay protected and look all put together and well-groomed in these garments.


Techwear kimonos are a unique statement piece of clothing to own in your closet. Not only does it set you apart from the crowd. It serves its purpose as a ninja, cyberpunk and futuristic aesthetic.


Techwear sweaters and sweatshirts are a closet staple. Made of breathable and flexible materials, these sweaters keep you warm and protected from harsh weather while also allowing freedom of movement. so much so, you can also play sports in these garments.

Techwear shirts

Techwear shirts focus on the weightlessness of the garment along with the fundamental freedom of movement in the garment. The designs on the shirts are minimalistic but very detailed, leaning towards a very futuristic look.


Techwear hoodies are weatherproof which are ideal for all types of seasons. While serving as a protective layer in harsh weather conditions, it also doesn’t fail to make you look as fashionable as possible. Techwear hoodies are essential for an everyday tech core look.

Why is Atlas 1 your best store to buy techwear clothing?

At Atlas 1, you can find a variety of techwear clothing, from shirts and sweaters to kimonos and complete outfits. You also have clothing items for both men and women on this website, so it is all-inclusive. Get yourself the best tech core fashion look with our range of techwear clothing items.