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What is the Techwear Aesthetic?

Functional clothing forms a style and aesthetic on its own from unique construction methods, utility features, and technical materials, embodied in the umbrella term, techwear.

The techwear aesthetics comes from various unusual and distinctive sources, which may be why techwear fashion is so lucrative. It’s uncommon and expressive, making it sought after by many individuals.

Curious to know the style inspiration that makes techwear so appealing? Luckily, we’ve got an in-depth guide for you. All you have to do is to keep scrolling.

Science Fiction

What makes techwear clothes so imaginative is their references to science fiction literature like Blade Runner and Mel Gibson novels. Conveying stories in a space-age setting or a distant dystopian future reflects a fashion that endures through a characters’ environment and ventures.

Cyberpunk Art

Cyberpunk art brings science fiction art references, specifically neon hues, reflective accents, and holographic tones, stepping up the futuristic outfits.

Urban techwear outfits incorporates the cyber post-dystopian themes in techwear clothing, experimenting with their creative pursuits and producing a means for personal expression.

Military Clothing

Military fashion incorporates the utilitarian design made for battle, forming its corresponding aesthetics into trendy techwear clothing.

Technical clothing grasps its functional integrations and emphasizes these as key pieces that build a unique techwear look. Further inspirations come from white ops and black ops, styling with military equipment, and military-inspired prints.


The fashion world had embraced Comme De Garcons’ deconstructive principles towards clothing. Trademarked by asymmetrically draped garments and a brutalist silhouette, techwear showcases an unconventional yet trendsetting take on designing clothes.

Techwear outfits evoke Garcons’ philosophy of bringing comfort to the user and discomfort to the observer.

Asian culture

Interconnected with the previous visual cues are the Asian references and Japanese culture.

Harajuku is the urban fashion style where people use clothing to express their moods and creative desires. The community pays as little attention to the trends because they make their own rules.

Techwear Brands

The techwear aesthetic develops from the interlinked design principles of the best techwear brands.

Many brands like the North Face, Patagonia, and Stone Island contribute to innovation and design made for the outdoors industry.

Acronym and Veilance have pioneered sensational techwear clothing with function-centered clothing and high tech fabrics.

Guerilla Group is a more recent technical clothing brand fit for modern-day city ventures.


From gadget accessories like the Apple Watch to technical fabrics like Gore Tex fabrics, technology has a massive influence on urban techwear.

Water resistance brings comfort and protection by repelling liquid and letting vapor slip away, making it a must-have for many.

How do I get started with the Techwear Clothing?

It must be thrilling to dress up into techwear clothing that suits your personality.

But as you surf the web for the perfect fit, you find yourself overwhelmed with the multiple devices and apparel, urban techwear pieces, and diverse techwear outfits online.

Luckily, we’ve simplified it for you with a list of techwear subculture styles so you can find a match, feel confident, and be true to yourself.

Affordable Techwear

That’s right, you can definitely cop that urban ninja techwear outfit without the hefty price tag.

Affordable techwear brings you garments from techwear essentials to bold and gritty futuristic clothing to experiment with a look that suits you.

Asian Techwear

Paying tribute to the masters of creative expression and attention to detail, this subculture brings Asian culture inspirations, prints, and characters to garments like your techwear jacket.

Get the urban ninja look going with a techwear mask with Japanese prints on a softshell jacket for a mysterious and gritty feel.

Black Techwear

Embody that downright badass military clothing and black operations-inspired look with multiple pockets on your black cargo pants and chest rigs on a neutral shirt.

Get ahead of women’s or men’s fashion with military-style utilitarianism and get geared up to face your day.

Casual Techwear

Wearing Minimalist techwear outfits is a refined and refreshing way to get started on the fashion subculture.

Go for a breathable garment, techwear accessories, and cargo pants with a little bit of edginess for that streetwear techwear vibes, so you feel confident even on a simple day’s pursuits.

Colorful Techwear

People often wonder: “can techwear be colorful?”

But techwear shows no limitations with an unconventional design and new form it has introduced to the fashion industry. Bringing color is part of the equation, so bring that pop in a down vest and add a striking hue on jewelry for a final touch.

Cyberpunk Techwear

The future is now, and what better way to celebrate it than to look the part?

Ace the Futuristic clothing effortlessly. Choose from two types: fun and vibrant cyberpunk neon hues or gritty post-dystopian getups. Bring in the cyber aesthetics into techwear bags and techwear masks for an upgraded look.

Gothic Techwear

Bring the edgy to any techwear outfit with gothic inspirations for that extra power in your visuals.

Opt for distressed techwear pants and a cloak-style hoodie for men or asymmetrically cut off-shoulder tops for women.

Light & Athletic Techwear

Never hold back in performance. This techwear clothing takes into consideration the human body for maximum mobility.

Try breathable and quick-drying t-shirts and techwear shoes, flexible fabrics, or articulated joints for your athletic endeavors.

Military & Tactical Techwear

Be brave even as you step out with a totally unique outfit.

Make life easier with extra comfort and protection brought by utilitarian clothing. Try military bulletproof vests and techwear pants to amplify any techwear attire, and you’re good to go.

Minimalist Techwear

Nothing gets more undercover than a grey man techwear outfit.

Go your favorite techwear sneakers in neutral colors and opt for something simple and refreshing for a base layer.

Get a sleek urban tech outfit with black, gray, or olive tones on a hardshell jacket for cooler days to conquer your city pursuits with style.

Ninja Techwear

Feel no fear and dare to be different. Ninja techwear takes visual cues from (you’ve guessed it-) Ninjas! Bring in the Japanese prints and characters with asymmetrically draped garments or go for the modern-day urban ninja look with techwear gloves and masks.

Summer Techwear

Feel refreshed under the summer heat! Summer techwear is the perfect way to incorporate those lighter techwear clothing light shades on a t-shirt and wide-leg bottoms. Try a mesh flexible fabric on sneakers or opt for sandals as you take a stroll on the beach or a park.

White Techwear

Don’t hold back with wearing white for techwear. What better way to look futuristic than getting that sleek and refined light-colored clothing? Opt for Gore Tex, reflective details and holographic accents for a subtle futuristic touch.

Winter Techwear

Be protected under the cold weather. Winter techwear brings functionality through insulated techwear garments that keep you warm and dry. Build up the outfit with techwear pants and a middle layer for extra warmth and opt for padded hard shells with a brutalist structure for that sleek techwear look.


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