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The Top 10 Best Techwear Brands

You’re not alone if you’ve spotted a couple of your style-conscious colleagues dressed like extras in a futuristic sci-fi dystopian film these days. Even if you’re unfamiliar with techwear culture, chances are you’ve watched films like The Matrix, which is known for its black garments, or the anime Akira, whose main character is submerged in a Cyberpunk narrative whose people dress in futuristic and unusual apparel. If that’s the case, you’re no stranger to the world of Techwear!

Techwear has undeniably grown in popularity in the fashion industry in recent years, with an increasing number of manufacturers attempting to ride the wave of future techwear design. Do you, however, know the best brands that help to maintain and grow this alternative style? In this post, we recommend that you look through our list of techwear brands and learn more about names you may not be familiar with.

Please keep in mind that this list covers all aspects of techwear fashion, and contains businesses from many universes (casual techwear, ninja techwear, urban techwear, etc.). Here, we have picked the greatest brands that suit you the most, assuming you know what’s excellent. Now that we’ve finished, here are our top ten techwear brands to be aware of!


10. ATLAS 1, The Must-Have for Techwear Fashion

If you’re searching for the best in Techwear and Cyberpunk apparel, go no further than ATLAS 1, which has the widest range of futuristic clothing for both men and women.

You’ll discover distinctive outfits in our shop, whether you’re looking for a jacket, cargo pants, neon goggles, pant chains, techwear masks, tactical masks, or tactical shoes to boost your urban ninja image. ATLAS 1 offers a range of technical clothes with a Ninja techwear aesthetic, which is heavily influenced by Japanese Techwear culture. As a result, the brand’s ethos is distinctive and disruptive, resulting in a unique and utilitarian aesthetic.

best techwear brands - ninja techwear

This brand presents a futuristic style and original designs mainly accessorized on black tones reminiscent of the outfits from futuristic science fiction movies. Thus, the alternative fashion proposed by ATLAS 1 brings together a large community of fans of the Cyberpunk and Techwear universe, throughout the world.


Errolson Hugh, the guy behind the acclaimed cult label Acronym, has done more to promote the highly technical, meticulously built style that has become synonymous with modern techwear. When it comes to techwear, Acronym is always #1 on the list, and Hugh is his own best marketing. Since starting his label in 1994, he’s become the face of the techwear movement, and Acronym has become the go-to outfitter (for those who can afford it; the brand’s items aren’t cheap).

good techwear brands - acronym

Hugh has a large following, and he has many notable fans as customers (notorious clotheshorse John Mayer is a dedicated devotee). Plus, via hugely successful and slightly more accessible partnerships with the likes of Nike, he’s steadily built up his brand’s public reputation.

As a result, ACRONYM will continue to be a pioneering brand in Techwear fashion, spreading the word about movement and pushing the frontiers of technology in fashion.


When it comes to the swoosh, Nike probably had no idea how successful the ACG (or All Conditions Gear) line would become when it initially debuted in the late 1980s. The pioneering label functioned as a great outlet for Nike’s design-development ideas, particularly when it came to outdoor performance, and the sportswear giant resurrected the brand in 2014, handing the reins over to a gentleman named (*chuckles exasperatedly*) Errolson Hugh. Hugh’s adherence to the urban ninja look he helped popularize helped ACG turn into a low-key dominant player in the techwear industry under his guidance. Even though Hugh left the label in 2018, everyone interested in the scene should keep an eye on ACG.

cheap techwear brands - nike acg

Nike ACG is aimed at all aspects of the sport, from sleeves to accessories, using diverse materials (breathability, water repellency, and even waterproofness) and enhanced functionality. The technical apparel offered by the ACG collection is consequently highly appealing since it adapts well to both sports and everyday use in the urban environment.

However, don’t expect to discover particularly complex techwear designs to complete your urban ninja style; the ACG collection focuses on casual techwear.


techwear clothing brands - stone island shadow projectFor the last three decades, Stone Island has been a mainstay label in Europe. It has lately earned popularity among streetwear enthusiasts as a result of its partnerships with Supreme. The Italian label has created a reputation by mixing utility and fashion, making it a favorite of football casual culture. For those who are searching for a more devoted, techwear style, its work is readily recognized thanks to its distinctive (and frequently proprietary) color dyeing techniques, as well as the characteristic compass badge. The Stone Island Shadow Project is an excellent choice. The Shadow Project collection features the company’s most forward-thinking designs and cutting-edge technology, and it was also created with Errolson Hugh’s aid.

Stone Island’s unique compass patch and creative use of materials make most of its items instantly recognizable. Stone Island’s Carlo Rivetti, and Errolson Hugh’s continuing partnership, Shadow Project takes Stone Island’s dedication to ergonomic design a step further by focusing more specifically on technical performance to excellent success.

With its avant-garde philosophy, this collection has a distinct personality. Shadow Project marries the world of techwear (the brand’s DNA) with urban ready-to-wear. Stone Island clothes take on a whole new meaning thanks to this bold combo.


The garment’s aesthetics are just as vital as its functionality. In terms of cloth and utility, each component that makes up the costume is cutting-edge. An upgraded windproof jacket, a bag that converts into an anorak, a comforter with several pockets, or the well-known cargo trousers, which are a symbol of military tactical gear.

RIOT DIVISION is a techwear brand based in Ukraine whose range is heavily influenced by military tactical apparel. The firm calls its garments as “functional uniforms for the rebels of the modern metropolis,” which is as utilitarian as it is stylish.


CLOUDBURST is a new label with a strong presence in Russia. This fashionable label provides a selection of garments that are heavily influenced by the techwear culture and the cyberpunk environment. For example, they created a collection based on the manga “Akira,” which is considered one of the forerunners of the cyberpunk movement.

The label’s clothing is mostly focused on outerwear, featuring a variety of jackets and other utility garments with a clean finish. All of the garments are, of course, composed of high-tech textiles, thus the term “technical clothing.”

female techwear brands - riot division


The Damascus Apparel brand was established in 2009. The label took the cyberpunk and techwear side to its apogee with outfits that seemed like they came straight out of a science-fiction film, with designs that defied expectations and were incredibly futuristic.

affordable techwear brands - damascus apparel

Their clothing had a distinct creative flare. But it was also utilitarian and useful. Black was the leading line for many of their outfits, as it was for the bulk of the techwear collections.

Unfortunately, after ten years of operation, the brand’s creators decided to call it a day in 2019. Damascus Apparel, on the other hand, would have taken the futuristic Cyberpunk milieu to develop a cyber-clothing line.


Krakatau is a Russian brand founded in 1999 in St Petersburg. With the integration of practical components and technical nuances in its garments, this company aspires to bring new life to the streetwear image.

japanese techwear brands - krakatau

Its urban “Survivalist” style is defined by the use of technological materials such as nylon “Soft Shell” with waterproof and breathable properties, as well as the many benefits offered by its techwear:

  • Hoods
  • Removable and reversible lining
  • Several inside pockets
  • Outside pockets with zippers and heat-sealed seams to keep out the rain
  • Side zippers to unzip the parka
  • Integrated mitts at the end of the arms to keep air out of the sleeve when riding a motorbike
  • Straps in the jacket allow it to be used as a backpack, as well as protection from the cold.
  • Insulating materials that can withstand temperatures as low as -10 degrees.

Finally, its curved cuts and numerous well-thought-out and useful elements, in addition to its technological materials. Outerwear is the primary focus of Techwear.


This Taiwanese company specializes in technical accessories featuring reflective, waterproof, and windproof textiles, as well as magnetic buckles and zippers. 4Dimension produces backpacks that are well fitted to the daily urban environment, inspired by military tactical equipment. The brand also provides urban techwear, which straddles the line between streetwear and the usage of technical textiles.

women's techwear brands - 4dimension

1. 0608WEAR

In Korea, the 0608wear label was established. This techwear business sells a variety of casual techwear apparel. 0608wear provides shoulder bags and other bags made of technological materials in addition to its highly restricted, if not virtually unique, apparel line. By contributing to techwear fashion, this modest and understated firm might yet have some pleasant surprises in store for us.


It’s time to say goodbye to our favorite techwear manufacturers! We hope you enjoyed it and learned about some fantastic techwear brands. There’s a lot to learn about this style of clothes, and this tutorial only touches the surface. Please feel free to add any other items you like to the comment area below. It’s wise to spend some time looking for things that complement rather than contrast your present outfit. The peace of mind that comes with having a good tech shell in your closet is well worth the effort and money spent.


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