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Techwear Kimonos FAQ

Our Techwear Kinomo is created drawing inspiration from Japanese culture to give our techwear lovers the feel of a niche classic Kimono design with a high fashion streetwear look. This Japanese-inspired garment has become a statement piece that is sure to upgrade your outfit into urban futuristic aesthetics.

Your Unique Techwear Kimono

The Ninja-inspired techwear kimonos are sure to elevate your techwear look to another level. A timeless design, the techwear kimono can recreate your techwear outfit with a traditional pinch.

The kimono collection has a wide variety of designs with different high-quality materials. They are lightweight on your body, and the loose design gives enough space for free movement. The kimono comes under the techwear mid-layer section, which is excellent for layering.

You can easily drape the kimono for a casual walk or work outdoors. It can be used during the summer and mid-season.

Techwear Kimono for Men and Women

Our Techwear Kimonos come in a unisex range easily accessible for both men and women.

Our design carries from monochrome design printed kimonos and tactical kimonos. The color palette for the technical kimono is available along with classic black, white, and grey tone.

Techwear Kimono for your complete Techwear style

You cannot go wrong with a ninja-style Techwear Kimono. The techwear kimono is a unique intersection of style meets culture. This mid-layer statement piece can elevate your fashion to an urban ninja outfit.
The kimono collection has become a techwear fashion lover must-have for light layering outfit items. If you are a person who loves Japanese culture and wants to incorporate Japanese aesthetics into your techwear look, the techwear kimono is your go-to outfit.

Aesthetically a very stylish design, but it is a versatile techwear item. Tactical techwear kimonos are functional units with zip pockets that are practical for storage use. Techwear kimonos that give protection from rain are also available.

Making your Techwear Kimono work

Styling your Komono with other techwear elements level up your futuristic gothic ninja outfit. Aesthetically it can give your fashion choice a strong element of distinct style.

For summer or mid-season, the techwear futuristic kimono can be ideally worn over a simple Techware cotton shirt or black t-shirt. The loose fit of the kimono makes it a perfect mid-layer item.

The techwear kimonos are an easy match with Techwear pants and jeans. They can be layered on top of long-sleeve mid-layer insulators. To push your dark futuristic urban outfit to another level, wear the kimono with dark monochrome Techware cargo pants and a techwear shirt.

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