Black Tactical Straps Techwear Sling Bag

Finding your top too plain? Instantly elevate any outfit with an accessory that hugs the front for that sleek visual upgrade while bringing added functionality with secure and accessible storage space for your essentials.

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Busy streets, cramped subways, and bulky backpacks? It must be tough.

Lessen your load a little with a techwear sling bag, allowing you to move freely and comfortably through a challenging venture.

Why choose our Black Tactical Straps Techwear Sling Bag?

Perfect for folks who don’t need bulky bags to store their essentials. This bag is the key staple for fashionistas loving that neat look and refreshing feeling.

Get 2-in-1 benefits with a lightweight bag. Store your micro items and gadgets without using a regular large pack. This staple goes beyond functionality with that effortless, cool, and refined appeal.

Black Tactical Straps Techwear Sling Bag
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This waist bag is your go-to for a night stroll, a quick visit to a convenience store, or your daily grind.

This essential is your go-to when you need to buy something quick from the supermarket or when you’re rushing to work. You can store your wallet, phone, and all handy essentials without holding extra baggage.

The ideal accessory to take a break from heavy bags. The canvas waist bag is a lightweight choice if you’re out for a different venture, without the need to bring your laptop and work essentials.

Feel carefree and content with a bag that makes life so much better. Bring convenience into your lifestyle. 

What features are included?

  • Adaptable Style – This unisex bag is perfect for anyone and everyone. With its versatile design, you can upgrade and alter your outfits, so you always feel creative and refreshed.
  • Hip hop Aesthetics – This bag grabs visual cues from streetwear and hip hop, so you can easily match and build up your current outfits with ease.
  • Adjustable Fit – Get a snug fit with straps that secure the bag across your body. Get rid of the inconvenience of having your bag lay loose and unstable across your body.
Black Tactical Straps Techwear Sling Bag
Black Tactical Straps Techwear Sling Bag

Wear across your chest or over your back for that visual balance.

  • Neutral Color – Effortlessly pull your entire look together with the classic black pack. This sleek and alluring color makes for one brilliant techwear outfit.
  • Nylon Material – Be worry-free with a material that is easy to maintain and lightweight. Feel carefree and refreshed through the day!
  • Zipper Closure – Leave your anxieties behind with a bag that ensures your items stay put and in check. This bag features a zipper closure that protects your belongings from slipping away.

How to style your new Black Tactical Straps Techwear Sling Bag?

  • Techwear Shell – Go for a collared long-sleeved garment in neutral tones for that smart casual look. Go for a simple t-shirt for warmer days, reducing sweat from those backpacks through this lightweight bag.
  • Techwear Hardshell – Build up your silhouette with a monolithic-looking jacket or windbreaker. Go for long coats on colder days for a more formal yet streetwear look
Men Chest Bag Belt Fanny Pack Women Small Letter Casual Travel Phone pack Purse Street Crossbody Shoulder Bags Man Waist Bag
Black Tactical Straps Techwear Sling Bag
  • Techwear Shoes – Boots are your best friend if you want that dressed-up techwear appeal. Go for lightweight sneakers for a casual fit to amplify that carefree experience.
  • Techwear Pants – Bring the cargo pants in for the cool streetwear techwear vibe that brings the attitude. Opt for wide-leg trousers or shorts for hot summer days.
  • Accessories – Glam the look a little bit more with a watch or chain jewelry for that exquisite sense of style.

Additional information

Main Material




Pattern Type


Closure Type







Solid Bag

Lining Material






Item Type

Sling Bag


30 x 23 cm / 11.81 x 9.06 inch


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