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What is Asian Techwear?

The revolutionary movement that brings the power to the crowd – this is Asian Techwear.

Imagine not feeling embarrassed about being different. In this urban techwear style, you dictate the world of fashion. Harajuku, the heart of Japanese urban fashion, influences Asian techwear. People dress up to reflect their mood, personality, and creative desires. Everyone is different, but their drive is the same. Instead of stores dictating needs, the crowd directs the trends.

Streetwear and hip hop influenced this urban fashion. Asian culture adds its creative touch, detailed craftsmanship, booming pop culture, and traditional references. With the rise of functional clothing, the eccentric yet visually pleasing street style only gets better as designers pay attention to every detail.

From humble city fashion districts to global techwear brands, Asian urban fashion has grown, and so does the techwear aesthetic and functionality. Loving what this fashion stands for? We got just what you need to get you started, and all you need is to keep scrolling.

What are the features & benefits of Asian Techwear?

Aesthetics or function? No more contemplating which one is better. Utility meets limitless creative expression in Asian Techwear. 

  • Innovative craftsmanship – From local designers’ brilliant minds come exemplary expertise, craftsmanship, and hi-tech integrations in your clothing.
  • Comfort and Protection – You are sure to benefit from every detail incorporated in your tech outfit, protected and comfortable for your city ventures.
  • Empowering Asian Style – Swoon-worthy Asian fashion references (characters, kimonos, ninjas, you get the gist!) give you just the right attitude to face the day with style.
  • Personalized Fashion – This iconic and bold tech fashion that shook the world by storm is yours to own – so you make the rules.

How to wear Asian Techwear?

Ever encountered the explosive graphics and loud color schemes of Korean pop culture dominating the globe? Try Korean techwear fashion with our fail-proof tips!

  • Bring out bright colors and asymmetric cuts for your techwear outfit.
  • Cargo pants don’t need to be plain black.
  • Opt for several prints or one bold logo for your techwear top or jacket.

Get that Harajuku statement with experimental silhouettes that stay true to Japanese urban fashion:
Start with monolithic forms for your outerwear and bottoms.
Accessorize with Asian prints and bold tones if you’re feeling brave and loud.
Pair up classic geometric pieces with neutral colors for a lo-fi city look.

Lastly, live the focus of Asian techwear: dress to express, not to impress. So if you’re looking to own only the best pieces to reflect your personality, you’re at the right place. You direct your style, and Atlas 1 delivers.

Why is Atlas 1 the best store to buy Asian Techwear?

Got an idea of your fashion taste and dream tech outfits?

Searching endlessly for the right pieces gets draining and overwhelming, so Atlas 1 brings you options and techwear variations to choose from. From modern and iconic Asian tech clothing to laid-back and everyday Harajuku street style, our items are a statement of your persona and artistry.

Feel secure that your sense of style is partnered with usable and essential details for your city pursuits. Enjoy the experience of building your creative statement with performance and futuristic clothing together with our outstanding customer support. Atlas 1 Asian techwear utilizes quality materials and functional designs, so you feel guarded, comfortable, and confident in what you wear.